What Our Apartment Management Partners Said About Community Northwest and the Community Building Program In 2007:

Resident events help with retention. It's a pretty big burden on the staff to produce as many events as Community Northwest can provide. Staffing events becomes an issue because you either end up short-staffed during the day or having to pay overtime. Having Community Northwest allows us to be fully staffed during the day, while still providing the events that draw our residents.

It is also nice for residents to feel connected to someone who is connected to the management team but isn't an employee because of the professional boundaries that need to be in place between management and the residents. The Community Team can get to know the residents on a more personal level as it is part of their role in our community, which helps the residents feel cared about without causing problems in our business relationship.

I also like having the facility open more hours than we are able to staff. They host a movie night every Monday, and basketball every Thursday night. Having a Community Team gives a lot more flexibility in what we can offer every month. If I were to hire someone to do this, they would want a regular schedule and paycheck to be able to count on, but the Community Team can flex each month because it's a sum of hours for the entire month. So one week might be busier than the next, and it’s not a problem.

Another benefit is that my team knows the kids' names from Homework Club they host every Wednesday afternoon, so they can help with issues that may arise.

It can be hard to measure the direct financial return, but saving our time is valuable and provides a better life balance for my staff. We tend to work too much, and can get burned out very easily. It's better for our management team in the long run and provides longevity. It’s worth it.

Anne Borelan
Quatama Crossing Community Manager
Simpson Housing LP

The Community Building Program impacts my community in many, many ways. It is a great PR thing for all incoming prospects, and especially those with children. It's wonderful to sell as they tour; we show them the calendar and all that we have going on here. It becomes more than a home…it's a well balanced community. Events also tend to take the edge off of residents. The rental increases have been hefty this year due to the strong market. The Community Building Program gives that extra that helps residents know that what they are getting for their money is different than anything they could get elsewhere. It sets the property apart from other places. I have had two teams now, and been very impressed. Community Northwest hires quality people. My current team is very proactive and is a tremendous couple.

Bill Clemens
Surprise Lake Village Property Manager
Equity Residential

I have had the opportunity to work with Community Northwest since May 2004. I couldn’t imagine at this point running our community without having this program in place. It has brought so much to our community in so many ways. The program has really created that “Sense of Community”, from the Welcome Visits to our new residents, the Saturday Breakfasts, the Summer BBQs, Breakfast On-the-go, and even the birthday cards that they send out to the residents.

This program pays for itself with the resident referrals and the residents that choose to stay year after year. They take care of all of the “little touches” that make our community a home for our residents.

Melissa Eisenhauer
Business Manager, Equity Residential

How doesn't it work for me?! We are able to do all sorts of resident retention, but it doesn't take time out of my busy schedule. We can provide a full calendar of events without having to find time to do all that goes into hosting an event.

One of the biggest ways the Community Building Program helps is that the residents feel comfortable talking to the team about things they won't come and tell me. They will approach the team more often, and then team passes the information on to me so that I can address the issue.

Our Community Team does all our Welcome Visits and Renewal Visits; basically all the things I want to do but don't have time to do. The program is a huge time saver!

Another benefit is the team lives on site and gets to know the residents, which helps the residents feel like they can relate to them, like they are one of them in some ways. They are "neutral ground".

My team is excited about the community and provides that energy for us when we don't have it. My residents rave about our team all the time, and talk about how they feel so welcome at the events. They are easy for me to communicate with and fabulous at accommodating my time needs.

Heather Turner
Rivercrest Meadows Community Manager
Simpson Housing LP

It’s been wonderful to see that particularly our Woman’s Group offers the woman coming here from other countries with their husbands a place to meet new friends, playmates for their children, and a way to improve their English in a comfortable accepting environment.

Judy Whitcomb, Assistant Manager

The Community Team here is one of the most talked about benefits to living here. Our Community Team is so refreshingly warm and friendly. The Saturday Breakfast is always a hit with all the residents; it gives everyone an opportunity to meet their neighbors. Many residents have made life long friends at this gathering.

Sierra Conley, Leasing Agent

I really love the sense of warmth and community the Community Team has brought to our property. I see it everyday in the actions and words of our residents. They also make really yummy snacks for the maintenance team!

Christopher P. Hearne, Maintenance Supervisor

Eric and Kim Lee, the Directors of Community Northwest, are residents at Park 212 where I am the Community Manager, and I got to see them in action this summer when they hosted two barbecues for our community. It was so amazing! They did it all—all the shopping, advertising, arranging for volunteer help, set up, cooking, hosting and clean up. We had great resident turnouts at the barbecues, 65 and 75 respectively. Residents commented on how pleased they were to finally get a chance to know their neighbors. It was obvious that Eric and Kim’s years of experience hosting resident events played a large part in the success of these two events. Our staff helped out as well, but with a small staff and summer vacations, we couldn’t have pulled two events off without their help.

Claudia Stack
Park 212 Resident Manager
Epic Assets

From Residents:

Arriving in Seattle on my own, with my wife back in the UK looking after the sale of our house there, I was very grateful to our Community Team here. Before I had even met them, I had a good insight into what was in store, both from the busy Monthly Calendar of activities I was shown when I first viewed the community, and from the praise from the staff. Now that I have become good friends with the team, my early impressions have been well fulfilled! I certainly been made to feel very welcome and have enjoyed my stay here thanks to the Community Team!

Andy W.