Invest in your residents


Invest in your residents

Invest in Your Residents

The Community Building Program is not just something nice to do for your residents. It actually can bring you a return on the money invested.

It is all about helping residents feel like they belong to a community, and making the decision to stay that much easier. When they love where they live and have friends there, they will stay longer. They also feel that they receive a greater value for the rent they pay. A recent conversation with a resident proved this very point. He said, “I could move down the street and pay similar rent and have similar amenities, but my son loves Story Time and we love to attend the events. I’m getting more for what I pay.”

We believe that the program pays for itself, but we have a bigger goal. Our goal is for you to receive a minimum of double what you invest in the program. That’s a high goal, but in this industry, we know that you can’t just throw away money. As a manager or regional manager, you are tasked with raising your NOI (Net Operating Income) and lower your CAP (Capitalization Rate). As an Owner, you want to see an increase in cash flow.

The return on investment in the Community Building program comes from

  1. Increased resident retention
  2. Attraction of new residents
  3. Support for on-site management.

Our specific business goals include:

For tools and information on how to calculate the savings at your property, contact us at or by phone, 425-776-4635